Before Her Eyes

(c) 2001 Avalon O’Lone

Before Her Eyes.mp3


It was a calm day,
The sun shone bright;
She watched the world awaken from the cool, sweet night.

Every Man, Woman and Child
Ready to live their lives,
Until the clouds of darkness came into sight.

{Hook} You'd think we were safe,
            You'd think everything'd be fine,
            But she watched the world change, right Before Her Eyes.

The people were lost,
Confusion reigned,
And she watched in horror at all the Nation's pain.

And she watched as it collapsed, turned to dust, fell away
and she cried because she knew
It wasn't meant to be this way.


She stood for love; she stood for peace
but most of all she stood for liberty
But on this day she weakened and began to fall.
It was then the people realized the greatest loss of all.

They picked her up,
held her in their hands,
And put her back together even more grand.

The dark clouds shuddered
and the evil was ashamed,
Overpowered by justice and then the light came.


Golden beams from Heaven
bathed the world aglow
She watched the sun rise, felt the warmth she'd known.

The loss was great;
the greatest loss there's ever been,
But the Nation carried on; the people lived again.